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How Autocorrect Improved My Marriage June 24, 2016

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Like most people on the cusp of the gen x/millennial age groups, I’m always a tiny bit behind when it comes to the newest technological trends. I mean, to be fair, I’m still young enough to be somewhat hip. However, I was definitely not first in line for my new snapchat obsession. It was my 19-year-old niece, solidly in the millennial generation, that lit that particular fire for me.

On the other hand, I have a tacitly Gen X hatred for cutesie acronyms, especially when they’re spoken like words, and I am NOT into the lumbersexual thing. Not at all.
That said, it took me a minute to discover that my iPhone could be programmed to fill out text for me when I only typed acronyms. I quickly changed “BRT” to say “be right there,” “UOK” to say “Are you okay,” and “ITC” to say “in the car,” signaling that I shouldn’t be texting at all in that moment. My mind lit up with all the conveniences I could afford myself. How could I have all the ease of the annoying millennial text-speak shorthand without actually looking like an idiot? What phrases do I use most often that I could shorten to just a few key strokes?
The first phrase that popped into my mind was one I often send to my husband; “I love you.”
I mulled this one over for a minute, wondering if I shouldn’t force myself to type it out, to give it the gravity it deserves. Of course, the prevailing idea was that of expedience, but should “I love you” be something said expediently?
This gave me pause. (Yes, I know I’m a total nerd for even thinking this way, but I happily admit to my myriad quirks. They make me who I am.)
So, I decided. Anything that makes “I love you” easier to say as often as possible can only be a positive thing, right? Right.
Uh oh. Another issue. How do I punctuate it?
There are times when I’m sad or upset or just not particularly energetic when a period would suffice at the end of “I love you.” However, there are other times when I’m so bursting at the seams with admiration for my husband that nothing short of an exclamation point will do.
So, I decided to go with the latter. I chose the exclamation point because whatever my mood, whatever circumstances exist, whatever the tone of my communications in that moment might be, my love for my husband can never be overstated.
And I noticed a change. The, albeit sometimes unexpected, energy of my professions always got a response. What was beginning as a somewhat bland or even morose text conversation would be instantly turned around by the assault of affection I hurled at my husband. He was pelted with giddy, squealing, glitter-painted love every time I typed the words and it made an impact- and that impact was never EVER misplaced.
I realized that holding back, putting a period at the end of “I love you,” instead of an exclamation point was not ever the right move in my marriage. Simply saying it, tossing it as a soft lob to the one who is mine for life is simply never enough. I want to scream it. I want to squeal my love for him every time I express it because he deserves it. He earned it. He inspires it. And I should never let him forget it, even in a quick text.
“I love you!” can never be overstated when you really mean it.