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For Dad December 4, 2015

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I believe it is possible to love someone so much that your feelings color the whole world around you.
I see my children in the faces of every kid that walks by.
I feel my husband’s devotion in every love story I hear.
My heart readies for battle with every trial a friend faces.
Every joke brings me back to the dinner table with my siblings.
Great works of literature are read to me in my mother’s voice.
And today-
Today, every falling leaf whispers my father’s name. Every ray of sunshine lights up like his smile. Every song is one he used to dance to.
Today, I feel him everywhere. In everything.
And it hurts.
And it heals.
And I smile and cry at once because you cannot experience this much pain over losing someone you didn’t love to the edges of the earth.
The tears are hot and sting my eyes, but they are all dripping jewels of gratitude.
Damn, I got a good one. A dad it’s this hard to grieve.
I am one of the lucky ones.
I had a father that loved me so much that his absence is a black hole in my center.
And thank God. It was worth every crushing minute.
I’d do it all again.