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Starting 2015 with another letter to the Kidlets. February 3, 2015

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Hi, kidlets!
It’s January 26th, 2015 and I wanted to write you an update on how amazing life is being your mom.
Things are a little stressful right now because I’m preparing for the New York Bar Exam and it’s a little under a month away. So, I spend all day with you two until Daddy gets home, then I leave right away to study into the night. By the time I’m finished, you guys are snoozing in bed and, if all went as planned, have been for a few hours. That means I haven’t been able to have any family dinners with you or kiss you goodnight for a while, which makes me very sad. However, this is just temporary. I’m working hard so I can give you guys a great life. Hopefully you’ll understand someday. As of now, you don’t seem to know the difference, so that makes things easier on me. I miss you, though!!! Terribly!!
Lily- You are currently two years and five months old. You go through a lot of phases, just like any other two-year-old. One day you’re snuggly and clingy; another day you’re independent and spirited. I never know what I’m gonna get! You just continually amaze me! You are so beautiful in every way: the way you’re affectionate with Jack, the way you all-of-a-sudden say a new word, the way you imitate your dad and me (which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good 😉 ), the way you are smart enough to escape the play yard…. Oh my gosh, you are so awesome! Your curls are really coming out and I think you’re the most gorgeous girl on the planet! You’re tall and broad just like me and your eyes smile just like your daddy. My gosh- I think you got the best of both of us. We are so blessed to have you.
You’re currently a student (three days a week) at Saint Catherine’s Preschool in Mrs. Theresa and Mrs. Pamela’s class. You love school and you bring us beautiful art almost daily. 🙂 Everybody who meets you is just enchanted by you! You’re easily one of the school’s favorite kiddos.
Jack- My sweet little baby isn’t so little anymore! You’re growing so fast! You’re ten months old and only ten pounds lighter than your sister!!! Holy smokes!! Your hair is still fine and straight, but it won’t be long before we find out if you got your dad’s thick, dark, straight hair or my fine, light, curly hair. Oh my gosh, baby boy, you’re so handsome! You’re Shertenlieb all over and look very much like my father, Bub.
You’re just now starting to stand on your own. You’ll let go of support for a couple seconds before you crash and you’re so proud of yourself! You are all smiles, you have the best laugh, and BOY- you’ll eat ANYTHING! You eat stuff your sister won’t eat! You’re one brave boy!
One of the things I cherish the most about you at this age is that you’re a bit of a Mommy’s boy. Sometimes, no one else will do and I am just fiiiiine with that! :):) It melts my heart. You have the sweetest mild temperament and my favorite time of day is when I get to snuggle up under a blanket with you in the big recliner. I could do that all day long!!
Kiddos, you guys are the light of my life. We’re all being challenged a bit right now, but we’ll get through it together. You guys are great motivation to succeed. I want nothing more than to give you guys a wonderful, adventurous life. Every time I leave the house to go study for the night, you guys give me hugs and kisses and give me all the fuel I need to get through the rest of the day.
I love you both more than I can express. You and your daddy are my gifts from God. I’m so thankful for you.