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Way to go Beyonce! Taylor vs. Kanye- Sweetness wins!! September 14, 2009

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In case the movie is deleted before you read this, as the last one was, here’s the story:

The MTV Video Music awards were held last night and Taylor Swift received the award for best new female music video (“You Belong With Me”). By the way- she TOTALLY deserved it. SO- as she stepped onto the stage and began to accept her award, JerkHole A #1 Kanye West got up and interrupted her, taking her mic. He said something to the effect of, “I’m really happy for you Taylor and I’m gonna let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! Of all time!” The nerve of that guy! Oh! Thank you so much, lord and master Kanye for DEIGNING to allow me to finish my own fricken acceptance speech! Beyonce’s face looked like something between flattery, shock, and disgust.
Anyway- Poor 17-year-old Taylor (who looked GORGEOUS, btw) was visibly rattled and stood silently on the stage for what seemed like an agonizingly long few moments. The crowd tried to buck her up by chanting her name and giving her a standing ovation, but MTV saw the trainwreck taking place on the stage and immediately segued into the next segment. Taylor, looking defeated, walked dazedly out of the spotlight.
Later in the evening, Beyonce was awarded the moon man for video of the year. That gorgeous, classy lady walked very calmly to the microphone, thanked everyone, and told the audience that she remembers being 17 and nominated for her first VMA with Destiny’s Child. She said it was one of the most exciting moments of her life. With that, she invited Taylor back onto the stage to reclaim the moment Kanye stole from her. Taylor, looking like a little angel, entered, hugged Beyonce, and very calmly finished her acceptance speech. What a beautiful moment!!

Way to go, Beyonce. That’s real class.

I think I’ll head out and buy two albums now. Take a guess who will have written NEITHER of them.


5 Responses to “Way to go Beyonce! Taylor vs. Kanye- Sweetness wins!!”

  1. Leah Says:

    I really can’t believe that he wasn’t kicked out for the rest of the evening. He made a complete fool of himself. His half-hearted apology on his blog (or twitter) this morning still said he thought Beyonce’s video was better. No amount of kissing up is going to get her into his bed. He has to get that into his dense little skull.

  2. He is such a jerk!!! I laughed when I heard that Obama called him a jackass, so that pretty much made my day!

  3. DJBean Says:

    That’s right, folks!

    I laughed out loud when I heard what Obama said. Amazing! He actually said something I agree with!


  4. Maureen C. Dundon Says:

    I think it’s worth mentioning Kanye’s line was (and I quote) :
    “I’mma gonna let’choo finish.”
    I am no English queen. Nor am I the Queen of England. Just a humble southern girl who studied “real good book learning” and I’m quite confident when I say Kanye stumbled on stage in more than just his feet that night.

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