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Technical Difficulties/ Looking forward to Dragon*Con September 3, 2009

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OH MY FRIENDS!! Unfortunately there was no Bean About Town on this week. SO SAD. There were some tech difficulties at the station that prohibited the show from happenning.
FORTUNATELY- You have access to Bean About Town (the blog) right here! You don’t have to miss a moment of my endless bullcrap.
Moving on…
So yea- Owl Radio has chosen me to be their correspondent to Dragon*Con this year. I have received a press pass and the coverage will begin at tomorrow’s Press Meet and Greet. I’ll probably squee all over myself when I get to rub elbows with all those awesome media types…. REAL entertainers… oh mini squee…
Also in attendance will be Barry Bostwick and Alan Ruck from “Spin City”, Kristy Swanson from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” the movie, and Richard Hatch of “Battlestar Galactica” fame. I’ve got research to do… Oh squee…
SO ya- Tomorrow night’s blog will be the lowdown on the media supercool exclusive happy funtime going down with the c-list celebrities. I LOVE C-LIST CELEBRITIES!!
Though, I would say Barry Bostwick’s a B… but that’s only because he’s hot.
SPOOOOOOCK! Take my brain, Sylar. Take my brain.
More to come, home slices!


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