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Segment: First Impressions August 21, 2009

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As we begin the new semester at KSU, I can’t help but have a constantly running inner monologue about the folks I encounter.
YOUR BRA IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT. IT IS YOUR UNDERWEAR. IT HAS THE WORD “UNDER” IN IT FOR A REASON. A strap showing, I’m not gonna bug about. The occasional accidental slip, no bigs. However, INTENTIONALLY showcasing your over-the-shoulder boulder holder is absolutely inexcusable.
I have noticed three distinct groups of chicks in the extremes. There are the ridiculously overdressed for school (dresses and high heels), the teeshirt and shorts-the-size-of-bikini-bottoms girls (why not just come to school naked??), and the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed girls. To the first group: Honeychild, that’s gonna get REALLY old when you start getting blisters on your toes and coffee in your cleavage. To the second group: Seriously, I think I saw one girl’s naughty bits today as she bent over for her backpack. NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR NAUGHTY BITS! Also, remember, chickypoos, that the bait you use determines the fish you catch. If you use bootyhound bait, you will only catch bootyhounds. To the third group: Make a little effort, would ya? If I wanted to know what you looked like when you first woke up, I’d sleep over at your house, take secret video of you and post it on YouTube. I would then view it over and over again in order to burn the image into my brain. Um…. Actually no. If you were trying to look like you don’t give a crap about school, yourself, or anyone around you, you have succeeded. Ladies, flannel pj pants to do not qualify as daytime attire.
Okay- enough first impression ranting from me. Call me judgmental but this is real, folks. The image you project with your look causes people to make judgments about you as a person. Should that be? No. I would love it if every single person would get to know one another before forming opinions, but that’s just not the way of the world, young grasshopper. Here is your little slice of reality for the day. Enjoy with a dollop of whipped cream and a sugar-free vanilla nonfat latte. Refrigerate after opening. Batteries not included. Small parts may pose a choking hazard to children.


Welcome to BEAN ABOUT TOWN (the blog)! August 19, 2009

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Hello, my friends! My faithful, loving, and generous (in the way of diamonds) Bean About Town listeners! The greatest pals, buddies, and people that may not even give a crap in the world!!!
Yes, ladies and gents, this is Bean About Town (the blog).
For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, lemme give you the rundown:
I am DJ Bean. I host a show on called Bean About Town (which, BTW, currently airs on Wednesdays from 4-6pm). Bean About Town is the premiere show for your entertainment news, celebrity gossip, obnoxious imitations, and whatevuh-thu-heck I feel like whining about. You should tune in. Srsly. It rules. DO IT.
The best thing, in my opinion, about Bean About Town is that it’s about YOU, the listeners (or readers as the case may be, but I’ll get there). YOU help me pick the music. YOU help me pick the discussion topics. YOU weigh in on every little thing and I absolutely involve you. What my audience wants comes first to me. Bean About Town is the show you get to design yourself. The more input you give me, the more I can tailor to your evewy widdle whim. You can reach me at Bean -at symbol- KSURADIO.COM to provide any of this aforementioned input, jussoyano.
So here’s the deal. I’m sitting in my Careers in Writing class right now being prompted to begin a blog. As I searched myriad topics I would LOVE to shred to bits, a sad sad thought crossed my mind. I am a senior this year. Bean About Town as a radio show has it’s days numbered. *sniffsniff* *HHEEEEAAAAVEEE* *whimper*
SO- I figure I’ll use this opportunity to begin Bean About Town (the blog). This blog will augment the show on, but will also give me the opportunity to say all the stuff I can’t say on the air.
DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine only. DJ Bean. Me. I’m the only one responsible for this load of crap. Not KSU. Not KSURadio. ME. That’s it. If you try to sue the university, I will laugh mercilessly at you in a most evil tone.
So, I hope you enjoy this! Make sure you comment, send me emails, and tune into BEAN ABOUT TOWN on KSURADIO.COM on WEDNESDAYS from 4-6!